10 Things You May Want a Facility Maintenance Company to Handle

March 7, 2016 - 6 minutes read

Taking care of a facility is no small task. That’s why facility maintenance companies are a good partner to have when you own a commercial office building, retail space, campus, warehouse, institution, or any other kind of facility.

The best facility maintenance companies will work around the clock to keep your building in good repair and the best condition. If you aren’t sure if a facility service is the right choice for your building, keep reading.

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Because here are ten things you may wish you had a facility service to handle.

#1: Major Emergencies

When a power failure, flood, or leaky roof has your tenants panicked and picking up the phone at all hours of the night, a facility maintenance service can take care of the issue no matter what time it is. With one phone call, your service team can be dispatched to take care of everything from major emergencies to minor, and you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the right call.

#2: General Repairs

When it comes to normal wear and tear on your facility, you can handle the general repairs to the interior and exterior of your building with one call to your facility services company. What you don’t have to do is call an electrician, a plumber, a painter, a roofer, or the local hardware store to track down a part every time something needs repair.

#3: Restoration and Clean Up

Keeping your facility in top condition means occasional damage restoration or cleanup. So when vandals strike, graffiti happens, or the debris from a cleanup needs to be hauled away, your facility maintenance company is there to keep your building looking good (and your property values nice and high).

#4: Work Station Setup and Furniture Relocation

If your facility houses office spaces, a facility service company can help you provide the best service to your tenants. And that includes tasks such as work station and furniture setup, work station modifications, and even furniture relocations. When your tenant wants something further, such as reconfiguring an entire office, your maintenance service is there to take on the task. 

#5: Tenant Improvements

When your tenants want to improve their office or warehouse space, the right facility maintenance companies can get to work installing appliances, workstations and equipment, replacing carpet and other flooring, and painting and texturing walls. Even updating lighting is no problem for an experienced team of service professionals.

#6: Tenant Repairs

Sometimes tenants come at a price, and if you need to do some repairs after a tenant leaves damage behind you will be glad you have a facility service to call. Whether it is patching drywall, painting, replacing flooring, or any other type of interior or exterior repair, your facility maintenance company can take care of tenant damage.

#7: Electrical Services

Whether it is troubleshooting a problem or making a major repair, you don’t want to trust your building’s electrical system to just anyone. An experienced maintenance team will have the skills to take care of the most dangerous of jobs without risking a fire or electrical outage in your building.

#8: Lighting Services

From lighting your parking lot and building exterior for safety purposes, to specialty lighting installations to fit your tenants unique needs, your maintenance company can handle all of your facility’s lighting requirements. 

#9: HVAC Systems

Nothing will get your phone ringing faster than the A/C not working on a hot summer Northern California day, or the heater not working on a cool winter evening. Luckily, your facility service company can save you the trouble by maintaining your existing HVAC system, and performing repairs right when they are needed the most.

#10: Roofing and Weatherization

You can put down the ladder, because your facility service has your building roof covered. From year round gutter and downspout cleaning to rooftop repairs, sealing, and weatherization, your roof is an important part of your building upkeep. Your facility services company is there to keep your building in good shape from the tip of the rooftop to the bottom of the basement.

Taking care of your building takes a team. At Creekside, our facility service team is on the clock 24 hours a day to provide excellent repair, maintenance, and improvements to facilities in and around the Sacramento region. Don’t handle your building maintenance alone; you can have the best team on your side and working to protect your investment with a facility maintenance company like Creekside.