Creekside Is Now Offering Day Porter Services

July 21, 2017 - 1 minute read

Creekside Commercial Builders, Inc. is now offering Day Porter Services.

Services include:

  •     ♦  Competitive Rates
  •     ♦  Keeping your building looking clean, presentable and inviting at all times.
  •     ♦  Removal of litter from daily traffic of visitors and others who use the facility.
  •     ♦  Keeping trash receptacles emptied and wiped down.
  •     ♦  Knowledge of cleaning techniques for a variety of surfaces.
  •     ♦  Disinfecting
  •     ♦  Ensuring the building is safe for all occupants by attending to unexpected incidents such as wet/slippery floors or broken glass.

All services are provided with a minimum of disruption to the people around, making this a valuable service to your business and facility.

Call Creekside’s Office for any inquires regarding this service.